The 3 words that characterize my life path are eclecticism, freedom and sharing.

About Anne Cossé

My journey began in France (because I was born there), and has been enriched throughout sixty trips and stays around the world (from the age of 2).

My eight years spent in Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore) have particularly made a mark on me, but so did North America (USA, Canada) and Europe (France, Spain, Norway).

Short cut to my qualifications.


I hold an MBA, a Master of Engineering, I am a Certified Acupressure Practitioner and a Reiki Master. These universes seem opposites, however I see and live them as complementary (as Yin and Yang seem to oppose when in fact they overlap and are born from each other).

My engineering studies have anchored my taste for research, explanation, dissecting and structured thinking.

My MBA has given me a global and concrete vision of the economic world in which we live. I use now the tools I learned then to make my business live and grow and therefore to allow me to earn a living from my passion. They also help me reach out to a larger number of people (through marketing and communication).

Learning acupressure and traditional Chinese medicine put into words the intuitive vision that I had of the world, interactions, the human being and spirituality. I absorbed those concepts and I apply them to my daily life. I also apply them to my work, in addition to the more yang Western principles learned at school and in the corporate world.

As to Reiki, it has been a long journey that first started with the sole purpose of learning how to recharge my inner batteries during exhausting professional assignments! Gradually it became a professional path (energy therapy in addition to acupressure) and a personal gnosis. I became a Master 9 years after I started, when I felt ready and to be able to teach and attune others.


I started my career in 1987 in the field of international corporate banking and capital markets. My employers being unwilling to send me abroad, I took the bull by the horns, in other words my suitcase in one hand and my passport in the other hand, and left on my own for Asia in 1991. And ironically, I found positions in… French banks!

Ten years later, in 1999, the wind of freedom was blowing real hard in my sails and I dove into the self-employment adventure. I launched and developed a training and coaching business, specializing in communication and cross-cultural everything. So that co-workers and professional counterparts would row together in the same direction…

In the early 2000s I decided to merge my passion for personal development and my gift for training and consulting. I chose natural therapy techniques that are recognized and complex, and I went back to school – in the United States, France, Spain and Singapore. I opened acupressure practices in France and Singapore, and my corporate training morphed to stress management.


As soon as 2005 I launched my first website (acupression.fr and then its English sibling: acupressurewellness.com) to publicize this practice still unknown in France. Then I launched newsletters, both  in French and in English, wrote numerous articles, created new blogs (now merged with acupressurewellness.com), contributed to several stories with journalists in Europe, the USA and Singapore.

It was my friends who pushed me to write my first book (about self-employment, a book now retired) and my clients who suggested I write my first acupressure book. My purpose has always been to make my patients become as independent as possible regarding their health and their well-being. By dint of explaining how it all works, and carried by their strong support, I threw myself into it!

Training, education, articles, books: my breadcrumb is knowledge sharing.

I am now the author of several books and blogs in the field of well-being, in French and English. I have delivered lectures, have been interviewed by many media, have been an expert at SelfGrowth.com, EzineArticles.com and YourTango.com, and it’s a real pleasure to receive emails from around the world (and answer them, even if it takes a big chunk of my time!).

… and…

At the same time, I realized late in life that my difference in functioning and thinking was Asperger’s Autism.

I wrote a book (in french and in english) to help atypical adults discover if they are on the spectrum. I also share my thoughts in a personal blog.

Short version:

My qualifications are:

Vocational Training:
Certified Practitioner Intuitive Coaching (Singapore)
Certified Acupressure Practitioner (U.S.A.)
Therapeutic Shiatsu Practitioner (France)
Usui Reiki Master & Teacher (France, Spain, Singapore)

Academic Training:
MBA (HEC, France)
Masters of Engineering (EPF, France) – Major: Energy

Professional training:
Feedback tools, Assertive Communication.

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