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DIY Acupressure Basic Programs
(Short Tutorials)
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 DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Facial Rejuvenation  DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Eyes Rejuvenation  DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Weight Loss

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 DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Neck & Shoulders tension

DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Boost your Energy

DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Anxiety & Mood Swings

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DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Sleep better


DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Stay Healthy


DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Intimacy & Libido


DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Menopause symptoms relief


DIY Acupressure Tutorial - Headaches



DIY Acupressure Complete Programs:
Facial Rejuvenation

PDF & Kindle: $9.99 - Other digital: $6.90 - Paperback: $14.90


Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure  .... 

Bring Out Your Inner Glow
with Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure

Daily Routine, Express Routine and
A la Carte Exercises for a rested and radiant look: lift, plump, tighten, boost, improve and glow by applying pressure on the right facial points.
To know more, visit my Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure website

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DIY Acupressure Complete Programs:
Sleep Better

PDF: $9.99 - Kindle: $4.90 - Paperback: $14.90


sleep better with acupressure 


Sleep Better,
Safe & Easy Relief with Acupressure

If you suffer from insomnia and are looking for a sleep remedy that does not involve chemicals or complicated protocoles, DIY acupressure is for you!
These exercises are safe and easy to practice, and do not require any tool or equipment: all you need is... your hands!


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DIY Acupressure Complete Programs:
Menopause Symptoms

PDF: $9.99 - Paperback: $13.50


Embrace Menopause with Acupressure 


Embrace Menopause,
Natural Relief with Acupressure

Learn the secrets to naturally treat menopause symptoms with a simple technique you can use anytime: acupressure.


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